against fixed speed cameras

KIYO GPS U1 Protection against fixed speed cams and section zones, with full Europe database

The purpose of the GPS U1 detector is to ensure safe driving conditions by detecting fixed speed cameras, section controls, red light cameras and other dangers. To do so, the device uses a built-in GPS database that can be freely updated.

The GPS U1 can be connected with additional laser module. With this, a complete speed capture defense system can be formed. The detector can be installed completely hidden, thanks to the LED indicator and the external speaker socket of the communication cable.

  • Detection of fixed speed cameras (e.g.: stationary speed cams, average speed zones)
  • Detection of different dangers (e.g.: red light cameras, dangerous intersections, etc.)
  • Full and freely updatable Europe database
  • Voice alarms
  • Selectable alarm distance
  • Powered by a cigar lighter power cable
  • Optional stealth installation, thanks to the additional GPS antenna and direct connection cable
  • Can be connected with the stealth laser jammer
  • Configurable speeding alert
  • Speed-based laser jammer muting feature
  • Coordinate-based laser jammer muting feature

Advantages of the KIYO GPS U1 over the KIYO GPS800:

Accurate, directional GPS coordinate database.

Configurable speeding alert. Upon closing on a speed camera, the device monitors the distance and the speed of the vehicle and in case of speeding, it warns the driver to slow down. The device can be configured to give alarms only when speeding with +1 / +5 / +10 km/h more than the allowed speed limit, or not to signal at all.

Thanks to the LED indicator on the communication cable, the GPS U1 can be hidden under the dashboard or into the different compartments of the vehicle.

When connected to a laser jammer, the GPS U1 makes its operation more efficient and interactive, due to the LED light signals and the voice alarms.

The communication cable has a built-in external speaker socket, therefore the volume of the GPS U1 can be amplified. This is exceptionally useful when the device is hidden under the dashboard or into the different compartments of the vehicle.



Connectable laser unit!

With the purchase of an additional communication cable, the device can be connected with the KIYO D Ultimate laser unit. When connected, the laser warnings will be more understandable, apparent and user friendly, thanks to the LED indicator and multilingual voice alarm of the GPS U1. Together, the devices not only indicate the fact of speed measurement, but also show the direction and the used camera type as well.

When connected, the GPS U1 constantly monitors the status of the KIYO Ultimate D laser unit. In case of any problem, the device will inform the driver with voice alarms. The GPS U1 states the currently selected mode of the laser unit upon every ignition. In this way, the driver can avoid driving with the wrong mode or with a deactivated detector.

Thanks to the GPS technology of the KIYO GPS U1, a speed-based laser detection feature is available. This feature reduces the number of false alarms, caused by the latest laser distance meters. Furthermore, additional GPS coordinates can be added to the database, where the device will not give alarms. (This is useful near HU-GO tollgates, where the laser scanner of the gate causes a false alarm.)

The KIYO GPS U1 can be connected with up to two KIYO D Ultimate laser units, which means that it can process the signals of 8 sensors.



Operation of the device:

After igniting the engine, the KIYO GPS U1 turns on and starts connecting to the GPS satellites. A short sound effect signals that the device is successfully connected and ready to use. When powered in a stationary vehicle, the device displays the current time. When moving, it shows the current speed of the car, until it detects a dangerous zone. Upon detection, the device warns the driver on the selected language and displays the remaining distance to the speed camera. Additional “dangerous coordinates” can be added to the database of the device as well. (Useful when finding new fixed camera locations, or dangerous intersections.)

With the help of the additional laser detector modules, the KIYO GPS U1 can also detect mobile LIDAR cameras. The device support stealth installation, which means that it can be hidden under the dashboard or other compartments of the vehicle. In case of stealth installation, the additional GPS antenna will ensure the connection to the GPS satellites.

In case the volume of the device proves to be too low, a purchasable external speaker can be connected to the communication cable, which significantly amplifies it. With the voice alarms and the different LED light signals, the device provides perfect audiovisual warnings to the driver, even when it is hidden under the dashboard.


The GPS U1 device helps the driver avoiding speeding, but under no circumstance does it disturb, jam or prevent the traffic enforcement. Obey the speed limitations at all times and always drive according to the current driving conditions! Before using the device check the given country’s legal restrictions.


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