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Personalized Radar Detectors from



KIYO TECHNOLOGY has always been a reliable trademark, with personalized solutions against speeding tickets. The products of the brand – made in different certified South-Korean factories – are produced and supervised by European experts. Therefore be ensured, that our products are being developed mainly for European market. Our most important goals are: “Reliability and efficiency based on your imagination!”

Personalized Speed Capture Defense

The Product Line of  KIYO TECHNOLOGY is related to personalized solutions against speeding tickets, including various types of Radar and Laser Detectors, GPS detectors and Laser Jammers. The product support of our equipment – developed specially for European markets – is ensured by our English customer service. We are looking for distributors in Your country: Contact us!

Radar Detectors

The Radar Detectors, produced specially for European markets, are able to detect the nearby Radar Speedcams in time, without interfering with the operation of the device.

Laser Detectors

The sensors of KIYO laser detectors are integrated into the frame of the license plate, from there they can efficiently detect the nearby laser speedcams.

Laser Jammers

KIYO Stealth jammers are able to jam the operation of laser speedcams for a few seconds, therefore you can safely adjust the speed of the vehicle.

GPS detectors

These detectors have a built-in GPS database, therefore they are able to detect even those Fixed Speed Capture Devices which do not emit any kind of signal.