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KIYO D Ultimate AP

2,5x bigger protection

The most important thing for our customers:
“to have protection against all type of speed capture system, in one product!” 

The KIYO ULTIMATE AP complete speed camera defense system makes exactly that possible: it means protection against laser speed cameras, section cameras, fixed- and mobile radar speed cameras, simply put, against all currently known speed camera systems. Designed by Hungarian professionals for the Hungarian market, based on the Hungarian laws, the KIYO ULTIMATE AP means a complete solution for any type of speed cameras, in one device.

The KIYO ULTIMATE AP can be installed hidden; it is easy to understand due to its multilingual alert system; easy to control and thanks to its continuously updatable firmware, it is truly a long-term solution. 


KIYO ULTIMATE Advanced Protection
Innovative technology, improved protection


The market-leading KIYO products have long been popular with customers. We managed to improve our trusted KIYO ULTIMATE and in 2019, we introduced our new product:

A KIYO D Ultimate AP
which detects the following speed cameras

  • Kustom LaserCam
  • Kustom Redflex
  • Kustom ProLaser II (fw 5.10)
  • Kustom ProLaser II (fw 5.12)
  • VHT FámaLézer II
  • Kustom ProLaser III
  • Kustom FamaShot III
  • Kustom PL-DOK I
  • VHT FámaLézer III
  • Kustom Prolite
  • Kustom Prolite +
  • Kustom ProLaser 4
  • NJL SCS 101
  • NJL SCS 102
  • NJL SCS 103
  • LTI 20.20 Ultralyte 100 LR (rev. 1)
  • LTI 20.20 Ultralyte 200 LR (rev. 1)
  • LTI 20.20 Ultralyte 100 LR (rev. 2)
  • LTI 20.20 Ultralyte 200 LR (rev. 2)
  • LTI 20.20 Ultralyte Compact
  • LTI 20.20 Marksman
  • LTI 20.20 TruSpeed EU
  • LTI 20.20 TruSpeed US
  • LTI 20.20 TruSpeed EU VPR
  • LTI 20.20 TruSpeed S
  • ARH CAM-S1
  • Jenoptik Laveg (EU)
  • Jenoptik LaserPatrol (EU)
  • Laser Atlanta (Stealth mode)
  • Laser Atlanta (Normal mode)
  • Applied Concepts Stalker LZ-1
  • Riegl LR 90-235 (EU)
  • Riegl FG21-P
  • DragonEye Technology D igital Ally Laser Ally
  • DragonEye Technology Digital Ally Laser Ally Compact

2.5x more efficiency and protection!


What caused this huge improvement?

  • Complete upgrades on every part of the device
  • Series of comprehensive tests



KIYO ULTIMATE AP complete speed camera defense system

  • European production with multilingual alert system
  • Protection against almost all speed cameras used in Europe, with the new ARH CAM-S1 and FÁMA III cameras included.
  • Detection of stationary speed cameras
  • Detection of additional dangerous zones (for example: red light cameras, dangerous intersections, etc…)
  • Detection of mobile radar cameras
  • Complete Europe database and software that can be updated for free.
  • High performance sensors that can be installed hidden into the license plate holder
  • Almost completely hidden installation.
  • Parking assist, laser detector, Active- and Passive modes
  • Configurable alert distance
  • Parking assist with type approval certificate and plastic card

These laser sensors, hidden in the license plate frame, can detect the “three-legged” ARH CAM-S1 and the Fáma III laser cameras.

Improved structure:

Precise lens with efficient light-gathering function.

Extremely tough polycarbonate sensor housing.

Special shielding to reduce sunlight interference sensitivity.

Best quality OSRAM laser diode.

Fast and accurate analog signal processing, due to highly efficient sensor, designed and manufactured by us.

Use of thick sensor cables with better conductivity.

Application of a special, double-layer waterproof lacquer coating.


Easily updatable, V5.1 control unit

The control unit of the device comes with a V5.1 hardware. It is easily configurable and updatable with the help of a computer, therefore you don’t have to take out the unit and send it back for an update. The flash drive and USB cable, that are necessary for the update, comes with the package.

The laser detector has two operating functions: Active mode / Passive mode (detector and parking assist function). You can choose between these functions anytime with the 3 position switch. There is a built-in panic button that instantly deactivates the detector, but after this, it can only be used as a parking assist.

Configuration Card:Software configuration and update

The software configuration and firmware update of the device can be done with a computer and a flash drive. The control unit has a complete Europe database that can be updated for free. It is imperative that you always update the software and database to the latest version. Otherwise, we cannot guarantee that our Customers are notified correctly and in time about the positions of speed cameras.

On the following link, you can download and print the Configuration Card:

The manufacturer and the distributor is not liable for any fine, damage or other problem, caused by speeding, the use or the incorrect installation of the device. The purpose of the device is not to promote speeding, but to help avoiding the consequences of accidental speeding. Obey the speed limit at all times and always drive according to the current driving conditions! The device is not infallible. There might be cases when it signals late, or does not signal at all. These can be caused by specific external circumstances and the laws of physics, not by the malfunctioning of the device.