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Detectors and jammers

The purpose of Traffipax protection systems is the detection and prediction of police speed measurement devices. Drivers are given the opportunity to correct their speed before it is measured by such devices, thereby avoiding penalties for inattention.

Attention! Not all European countries allow the use of traffipax markers, so please always check the regulations in force in that country! The manufacturer and the distributor do not assume any responsibility for any kind of penalty, damage or any other disadvantage resulting from exceeding the speed limit and/or the use of the device or its improper installation. Devices of this type are not intended to aid speeding, but to prevent the consequences of accidental speeding. In all cases, observe the speed limits and drive in accordance with the visibility and road conditions! These tools are not infallible. There may be situations when, due to certain external circumstances, it signals late or not at all. The reason for this is not due to the malfunction of the product, but can be traced back to the laws of physics.