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EURO Radar- and Laser detector

This device is the most popular Radar- and Laser Detector of KIYO TECHNOLOGY with the best Price/Performance Ratio, which was developed primarily for the European markets, furthermore, it can even detect the signal of the new ARH CAM-S1 speedtrap!

  • EURO-type device (it can detect the bands used in Europe)
  • City and Highway modes
  • Automatic mute function
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Radar signal-strength shown on screen
  • Personal settings can be saved (the device has internal memory)
  • 360° protection (radar detection all-around, as well as front and rear laser detection)
  • Can detect the most often used Laser- and Radar-bands
  • Optional radar-bands: EURO-X, X, Ku
  • Rarely used bands can be switched off
  • “Compact Design” – one of the smallest detectors available
  • EURO-X band: 9.875 – 9.925 GHz
  • X-band: 10.500 – 10.550 GHz
  • Ku-band: 13.425 – 13.475 GHz
  • K-band: 24.050 – 24.250 GHz
  • Super-wide Ka-band: 33.400 – 36.000 GHz
  • Laser signal detection (ARH CAM-S1 as well)

Legal Radar- and Laser Detectors against speed capturing!

The new traffic laws, which came into force on 1st September 2012, state:

“Preventing, disturbing and altering the results of traffic control is forbidden, excluding the usage of speed radar detecting devices.”

Therefore, the usage of radar and laser detector devices is not forbidden. Radar- and Laser Detectors can detect the radars from a large distance (hundreds of meters), therefore we will be able to adjust the speed of our vehicle. These devices will be legal after the 1st of September as well, because they do not prevent or disturb the traffic control.

These detectors – no matter whether they are front or rear devices – can detect the signals (infrared light or radio-wave, used by speed radars), which are reflected from the back of the car ahead, therefore they can warn us that traffic control is in progress. The better the device’s sensitivity, the greater the chance to detect the radar in time and adjust our speed!

For whom the detection of laser-based radars is not enough and wish to have an active protection, we can recommend our Laser Jammers as supplements to our Radar- and Laser Detectors.

How to use the device

To install the KIYO E-265, we only have to attach the console to the windscreen with the suction cup. The next thing to do is to insert the console’s cable into the cigar lighter socket.

The device can be turned on after we ignited the engine. Sound effects and light signals indicate that the equipment is operational. When detecting a laser- or an ordinary radar, the type of the detected signal is shown on the screen and different sound effects can be heard for each types.

Before first use, it is recommended to follow the steps of the manual and adjust the settings of the device. The Ku-, EURO-X and X-bands can be turned on- or off any time, while the K-, Ka-bands are always being watched.

The number of false alarms, while driving in the city can be reduced with the usage of the CITY mode. With the MUTE button we can turn on the automatic mute function, which turns the alarms off after 5 seconds. With the main knob, we can adjust the volume of the alarms.

Signal detection of windscreen-attached detectors

In the past, radar- and laser detectors placed in the windscreen seemed an obvious solution to avoid radars. However, the new ARH CAM-S1 radar operates from a shorter distance and in a narrower angle, therefore the signal does not reach the height of the windscreen, where the detector is located.

The detectors located in the windscreen are perfect for detecting the ordinary radars and the older-generation laser-based devices, but to defend ourselves against the latest laser radars (which operate from a shorter distance and in a narrower angle), we should supplement our defense with a Laser Detector or with a Laser Jammer that can be build into the frame of a license plate.