Registration for updatable devices

It is important to use your updatable device always with the newest software and database for the right working. Only in this way we can guarantee the right GPS database of the fixed speed cameras.

It is not necessary to check in every week our webpage because of the update. If there is another new fixed police speed camera installed o nthe road, as soon as possible we will make a new database with it. As there is new database or firmware updater aviable, we will send you a warning e-mail if you are registered.

For this you can give us only some datas. So you need to register your KIYO device.

Why its rewarding the registration?

  • Personalized and accentuanted dealer support.
    If you have any problem or inquire, our customer service can help you in english.

  • Reference about news of your device.
    If there is new accessoies for your product, you will know it first and you can buy it with discount.

  • Reference about the updates and developments.
    If there is new update or devepolment for the devices, we will send you an e-mail, sou you can be up-to-date.

  • Digital warranty card.
    With the digital registration the warranty terms will save in the distributors database. As it necessary the warranty procedure will be faster and easier in case if the warranty card or bill is missing.


During the registration you need to give your contacts and the parameters of your device. It can worth to registrate your older KIYO item also, because we can offer unique product support for all users by the given information.


1. 1. Warranty card/bill

Scan or make a photo of the warranty card and the bill of your product. If you have only one of these documents please also upload it.

We suggest to upload the files in one package, because it is easier to select them. After pushing the blue „OPEN” button, you can navigate tot he right folder which contains the pictures. Until pushing the Ctrl button you can choose more files in one time. Then pust the „SAVE” button and the name of the file names will appear in above the blue „OPEN” button. After filling all necessary rows pusth the „SEND DATAS” red button ont he bottom to upload the files and send the datas. If you want to upload more files just push again the blue „OPEN” button and repeat the procedure.


If the upload is not successful, please send the other datas and our customer service will help you to upload the files.

2. Select product

Select your KIYO product from the list. If you are not sure, what type of your device select the „Other product” option. If you have more than one KIYO poduct, push the red „ Add another product” title and a new boksz will appear.

For adding the serial numbers please find them in the product or in the warranty card.

Please add your reseller, where you bought your product. In the notes you can write anything (eg.:number of transponders, version, type , etc.)..

Add another product

3. Personal datas

Please give your personal datas for the DIgital warranty card and fill contact datas for our customer service.