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KIYO D Ultimate AP

configuration and update

Configuration and update options

The KIYO D Ultimate active laser detector can be configured and updated with a computer software and a pendrive. Before modifying the settings or updating the firmware of the device (the basic algorithm that contains the different LIDAR device signals for example), you have to download the KIYO D Ultimate Configuration software.

Never try to modify the configuration of the device without a specialist!
Our reseller and installer partners got the proper training about the configuration of the device. It is risky to configure the device without training, it can get useless. That’s why our costumers get only limited authority to the software which let them only to update the firmware. Only our trained partners get the full version of the software which let them to configure the device.

For the code and the product support please register your product here:
KIYO Technology registration

In order to give you the best quality and product support, it is necessary that you always use the latest official software on your KIYO devices. To be informed directly about the new software and firmware versions it is necessary to register your product. All official manufacturer updates are e-mailed to our registred customers.

You can download the KIYO D Ultimate configuration program from the right column by clicking on green „DOWNLOAD” button under the „KIYO ULT” logo. In different browsers it can be different way how the file is downloaded. If you need help, please read Help of your browser.

How to update your software of the KIYO D Ultimate active laser detector


  • Download the configuration software from the website and copy the “KiyoConfig.exe” file to the pendrive!
  • Run the “KiyoConfig.exe” file from the pendrive!
  • The current version number is shown in the lower-left corner of the setup wizard (e.g.: “Ver.:171015”). In case of a new software update or configuration software, this version number will change. Higher number means newer program and it is recommended to update the firmware as well.
  • If you want to modify the configuration of your device please contact our Customer Service or your installing service
  • You can update the firmware by yourself
  • To download the correct version of the firmware you need Internet connection. After running the KiyoConfig.exe file from your pendrive choose [Firmware Update] that will copy the „KiyoD.bin” file to your pendrive
  • After downloading please close the program and check that „KiyoD.bin” file is on your pendrive.
  • With ignition off on the car, connect the pendrive to the USB cable of the laser unit. IMPORTANT: If you have two laser unit CPUs, then you will have to update them separately.
  • After connecting the pendrive, switch on the ignition and turn the device on. When turning it on, the data of the pendrive will be uploaded into the laser unit. The quickly flashing red light shows the uploading process. If the LED is slowly flashing in red, then there are no update files on the pendrive or the either the data or the pendrive are corrupted. Continuous red light shows when the upload has been successfully completed.
  • ATTENTION! When the pendrive is connected, the system cannot operate! After the update switch off the ignition, remove the pendrive and switch on the ignition again!
Download updater and
configuration file

Version: 231214


Download user manual