At below we collected all of update files for KIYO devices. We reccommend to downloand the database-, firmware-, sound file- , updater files when it is neccessary for run your device well. Also you can find here the user manuals for the KIYO detectors and jammers what can be also useful during use the devices.


Laser Jammers / Laser Detectors


 KIYO D Ultimate multifunctional laser device






 KIYO ProParkXT multifunctional laser device




 KIYO D Lite Parking sensor/Laser Detector





Radar Detectors / GPS detectors


 KIYO U1 GPS detector with database

  • KIYO GPS U1 user manual

  • KIYO GPS U1 database update


     KIYO GPS800 GPS detector with database

  • KIYO GPS800 user manual

  • KIYO GPS800 database update


     KIYO VTX900GPS professional radar and laser detector with database






     KIYO GPS M1 GPS detector with database for motorbike