Multifunctional laser device


KIYO ProParkXT multifunctional Laser Detector with built-in Parking Assist Feature

Unlike the everyday Parking Assistants (these usually can only give accurate information about the distance of those objects, which are farther than 30-50cm), the KIYO ProParkXT is able to accurately detect objects from 25cm distance. Furthermore, it's not necessary to drill deep holes into the bumper of the vehicle, because the sensors can be built into the indentations of the bumper, or into the grille of the vehicle. The product became worthily famous, with it's tiny -2,5cm sized- sensors (or eyes), and with it's outstanding price.


Our KIYO ProPark Parking Assist Device is using the same 904 Nm wavelength as the laser speedtrap of the police do, therefore in some cases it may cause disturbances in the radars' operation. We may give further information by phone about this.


Most important features of KIYO ProPark

Main Features

  • Multifunctional laser-technology (For further information, please call our customer service: +36 30 852 5460).
  • e7 qualification given by the Hungarian National Transport Authority (NKH). (Type approval notation; which means that the equipment, as a Parking Assist Device, can be used officially in any countries of Europe.)
  • FREE type approval plastic card and e7 notation on the equipment, to avoid "unpleasant surprises"

Technical specifications

  • Sensor technology: HighPower infra LED
  • Connection feedback system
  • LED and sound signaling
  • Adjustable speaker volume
  • Mute function
  • Sensor size: 110x25x20 mm
  • Cable length of the sensor: 5 m
  • Microprocessor controlled device
  • ARH CAM-S1 érzékelés



Purpose of the KIYO ProPark device

The purpose of the KIYO ProPark multifunctional laser device, is to make maneuvering and parking easier, in our everyday busy life. Unlike ordinary Reverse Backup Radars, the KIYO ProPark is able to accurately detect objects in closer vicinity. This feature is particularly useful, when parking in the garage or in a narrow parking lot. Important to know, that relying only on the device is dangerous! Please, rely on your senses as well and park your vehicle with great care at all times!


Many people may wish to use the other features of the device, in this case we can give further information by phone.



How does the KIYO ProPark device work

The KIYO ProPark multifunctional laser device indicates the nearby objects with sound effects and LED signals. The device watches the surroundings of the vehicle at all times and when we are dangerously close (ca. 25cm) to an object (a building, another vehicle, railing or a pedestrian on the street), it warns us with sound- and light-signals to continue the maneuver with greater caution.



How to use the KIYO ProPark device

When igniting the engine of the car, the KIYO ProPark device turns on automatically and the indoor central unit gives sound- and light-signals about the status of the activation and the sensor connection. When it detects a dangerously closing object, the device warns the driver with sound- and light signals.



How to install the device into the car

The KIYO ProPark consists of an indoor central unit, and sensors which must be placed in the grille of the bumper.


The cardinal point, which influences the efficiency of the device, is the number of the sensors and the accuracy of the installation. The structure and the size of the vehicle determine the number of sensors needed for the best efficiency. Before installing the device, decide whether you want a front or a front-and-rear parking assist.

Recourse to our experts to determine the number and best location of the sensors necessary for your vehicle. Our customer service can provide not only consultancy, but also the locations of our closest partner-workshops, where you can have the device installed!