KIYO D Ultimate active laser detector with special license plate frame


KIYO D Ultimate active laser detector with special license plate frame

KIYO D Ultimate

The KIYO D Ultimate is a laser detector, developed and manufactured in Hungary, especially for European markets. With its laser sensors (hidden into the special license plate frame), it is able to detect most of the European LIDAR devices (including the Hungarian ARH CAM-S1) and it can be installed quickly and easily. The device is freely updatable via USB, therefore it can always be up to date.

The hidden laser sensors can detect the signals of both mobile- and fixed LIDAR cameras. When the GPS U1 device is connected, different sound effects, LED lights and voice alarms in the selected language will alert the driver to the imminent danger. However, the laser detector can operate on its own as well. In this case, LED lights and beeping sounds will alert the driver.


KIYO D ULTIMATE for LIDAR speed cameras:

The mobile speed cameras can be placed anywhere in the country, for example, on overpasses, in police- or civilian cars, or they may be hidden simply on the roadside. The cameras record speeding and possibly other traffic violations as well. The best defense against these mobile LIDAR cameras are the different types of laser jammers- and active detectors, which can jam their signals for a short amount of time.



New features of the KIYO D Ultimate active laser detector:

  • Can easily be configured with a pendrive and a computer software, without removing the central unit.
  • Its firmware can be updated with a pendrive, without sending the central unit back to the manufacturer
  • Can be formed into a Complete ULTIMATE Speed Capture Defense System
  • Multiple selectable languages
  • Connectable external speaker
  • GPS-based false laser alarm filtering
  • Laser signals depending on current speed




Complete Speed Capture Defense System in one package!

KIYO Technology was the first in Europe to develop a complete speed capture defense system and made it available in one package. The KIYO D Ultimate system ensures safe driving conditions by detecting all types of speed enforcement cameras that may occur in traffic. With the help of its radar antenna, laser sensors and updatable GPS database, it warns the driver to fixed- and mobile cameras, LIDAR sensors, average speed cameras and to many other dangers.


The system is made up of different modules that can be bought separately and some of these can function on their own. To achieve full protection against speed cameras, the installation of the complete system is needed, which includes a GPS U1 fixed camera detector, a RAD U1 radar detector, an Ultimate laser unit and all the necessary accessories to connect these modules.


The below described product is the laser detector module only, not the whole system.


Operation of the KIYO D Ultimate active laser detector:

The device is activated when igniting the engine. The lights of the LED indicator and the beeping sounds of the buzzer will signal the successful activation. Upon detecting an infrared signal on a specific wavelength (in other words, the laser signal of the camera), the device will alert the driver with LED lights and different sound effects. When noticing the alerts, the driver has to adjust the speed of the vehicle according to that given zone, while paying attention to the rest of the traffic as well. After adjusting the speed, the device has to be turned off, so the police may be able to do their work.



Parking Assist, Laser Detector, Active and Passive mode:

The KIYO D Ultimate has three different modes that can be changed with a three-way switch. In position II, the device acts as an active laser detector (it means that it can jam the signal of cameras), while in position I, it operates only as a detector and a parking assist, but never jams the signals of the cameras. In position 0, the device is turned off. With the hidden panic button, the device can be deactivated any time, however, as a result it will only be able to operate as a parking assist.


Smallest sensors of the world!

The installation of the extra small sensors (35 x 18 x 25mm) is easy, even if they are not placed into the special license plate frame that is included in the set. With the help of the 7,5m long cable, they can be installed on longer vehicles as well.



Official parking assist device

The device comes with an E7 notation, approved by the Hungarian National Transport Authority. It means that the device can be installed and used as a Parking Assist in any European country. Free type approval card and e7 notation are included in the package, in order to avoid “unpleasant surprises”.



Main features

  • Manufactured in Hungary, for European markets
  • Active, laser detector and parking assist modes
  • Laser sensors, hidden into the license plate frame
  • E7 type approval notation
  • Approved by the Hungarian NTA (National Transport Authority)
  • Freely updatable software
  • Panic Button







    KIYO D Ultimate



    KIYO D Ultimate


    KIYO D Ultimate


    KIYO D Ultimate


    KIYO D Ultimate