GPS Detector with updatable database


KIYO GPS800 - GPS Detector
with updatable database and Radar Detector module

This pre-installed, updatable device can indicate the location of stationary speed traps; average speed zones, section zones, traffic lights with speedtraps; and other dangerous zones. Radars used in these areas often do not emit any kind of signals, therefore they can only be detected by GPS Detectors.


GPS technology in defense against speed radars


By using GPS technology, we get more accurate information about the location of nearby speedtraps, and in the meantime the number of false alarms can be decreased as well. Detectors with built-in GPS database can provide information about speedtraps, which do not emit any kind of signals, therefore cannot be detected with Radar- and Laser Detectors, nor with Laser Jammers.

As part of the VÉDA Camera Network for Intelligent Traffic Surveillance project, 365 new static and automatic radars will be put into service from 2015. These radars cannot be moved, therefore they can only be detected by using GPS technology.



How to install the device

To install the KIYO GPS800 Detector, we only have to attach the console to the windscreen with the suction cup. The next thing to do is to insert the console's cable into the cigar lighter socket. Thanks to the GPS antenna (included in the set), the device can be hidden into different parts of the dashboard, or even behind it. In these cases, the extra GPS antenna receives the GPS satellite signals.



How to use the device

The device can be turned on after we ignited the engine. Sound effects and light signals indicate that the equipment is operational. With the help of the pre-installed database and the GPS receiver, the GPS800 Detector can constantly follow our current position and warn about speedtraps or other dangers. When closing on a detected radar, it warns us on the chosen language, therefore we can adjust the speed of our vehicle as necessary.


You can add new "danger zones", whenever you discover a new location with speedtrap, which had not been programmed into the database. The GPS800 device indicates the stationary radars; current speed of the vehicle; average speed of the vehicle; the maximal speed limit of the current zone; and accurate GPS time as well. You can also set a speed alarm. Furthermore, by installing the Radar Detector module, the GPS800 is able to detect ordinary radars as well.



Updatable Database for free!

Our GPS800 device comes with a constantly updated database. This can be updated for free with the USB cable we provide with the device. Always keep your equipment up to date!