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Radar and Laser Detector with pre-installed GPS database

The newest product of KIYO TECHNOLOGY is the best windshield type Radar and Laser Detector with GPS support currently available. This high quality KIYO device had been developed to detect the European radar frequencies and comes with an outstanding Price/Performance Ratio.

KIYO VTX950GPS had been developed primarily for the European market. When the driver approaches a dangerous spot, the KIYO VTX950GPS gives a warning sound on the currently selected language and it shows the distance, type and/or strength of the speed measuring device.


The pre-installed, freely updatable device can indicate the location of stationary speed traps, average speed zones, section zones, traffic lights with speedtraps, and other dangerous zones. Radars used in these areas often do not emit any kind of signals, therefore they can only be detected by GPS Detectors.

  • Pre-installed GPS database for Europe
  • Free database updates
  • EURO-type device (it can detect the bands used in Europe)
  • Customizable warning system
  • City and Highway modes
  • Speed-based mute function function
  • Screen with adjustable brightness
  • Optional menu and speech languages: English, Hungarian, Bulgarian (only sound)
  • Switchable radar detection and bands (X-band, K-band, Ka-band)
  • X-Band: 10.525 GHz ± 50 MHz
  • K-Band: 24.150 GHz ± 100 MHz
  • Ka-Band: 34.0 GHz, 34.3 GHz, 34.7 GHz, 35.5 GHz
  • Laser signal detection  (ProLaser III, LTI TruSpeed S, ARH CAM-S1 etc.)

How to use the device

To install the KIYO VTX950GPS device, we only have to attach the console to the windshield with the suction cups. The next thing to do is plug the cable into the cigarette lighter socket.


The device can be turned on after we started the engine. Once it powered up, the device starts searching fot the GPS satellite connection. When succesfully connected to the satellites, the device gives a short sound notification and it is ready to use.


Before first use, it is recommended to follow the steps of the manual and adjust the settings of the device. Optional languages: English, Hungarian and Bulgarian (only warning sounds)


KIYO VTX950GPS device had been tuned to detect European radar signals. It can detect the K-, Ka-, bands and it is able to detect the X-band as well. Furthermore, the device recognizes the laser signals used in Europe, including ProLaser III, LTI TruSpeed S, and ARH CAM-S1, etc. too.



To minimize the false alarms, the VTX950GPS is capable for the following possibilities:
  – City or Highway mode,
  – Switchable radar detections,
  – Switchable databases,
  – Smart mute funtcion.

The City mode decrease the detection of the K-band, but it allows the detection of X- and Ka- bands (radars use these frequencies more often), in this way the false alarms can be avoided. In Highway mode sensitivity is increased, therefore it can be used whenever you leave the town and drive on highways or freeways.


The whole settings are customisable so you can minimize further the false alarms amount.


With the Smart Mute Function, you can enjoy the driving without bothering alarms. Just set this function on your avarage speed, so the device will not give sound alarms below this set value.