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GPS Detector with updatable database for motorbike

With the arrival of the good weather, the motorcycles and their riders are ready to explore and conquer the vast, sinuous roads. In these times, it is easy to be carried away and easier to run into speed cameras. To avoid any unpleasant surprises, our engineers developed the perfect legal defense against the “VÉDA” gate system. This device was designed with the help of motorcyclists, especially for motorcycles.

KIYO GPS M1 the best defense against VÉDA gates for motorcyclists

On 31 December 2015, the checkpoints of the VÉDA camera system have been officially completed. 365 cameras were placed on 132 places, which was considered dangerous by the officials of the National Transport Authority. The system automatically detects speeding and other traffic violations as well.

The fixed speed cameras can be detected with GPS-based detectors. The KIYO GPS M1 is able to efficiently detect these cameras, even from a 500 m distance. When the device give warnings, the rider has to reduce the speed of the motorbike. The detectors never jam or disturb the operation of speed cameras, but merely indicate their location, therefore the rider can adjust the speed of the motorbike according to that given zone

Operation of the KIYO GPS M1

After igniting the engine, the device powers on and starts connecting to the GPS satellites. This searching is indicated by a flashing LED light. After successfully connecting to the satellites, the flashing light ceases and the continuous LED light indicates that the device is ready for use. The LED strip of the device lights up only when the motorcycle approaches a speed trap. If the speed of the motorcycle is below the maximum allowed speed limit, the LED strip lights up with a continuous pale light, but when the motorcyclist is speeding, the LED strip indicates the danger with a strong, flashing light.

The database and the software of the GPS detector can be updated with the help of a pendrive, through the USB port of the device. Additional information about the updating process are available at the https://kiyotechnology.com/hu/gpsm1-update.php website.

The brightness of the LED strip changes according to the current GPS time and the sunrise-sunset timetable, which means that by day, the brightness is set to maximum, while at night it is set to pale light to avoid dazzling.

  • Detection of fixed speed cameras (e.g.: stationary speed cams, average speed zones)
  • Full and freely updatable Europe database
  • Freely updatable software
  • Alert distance 500 m
  • Nagy fényerejű, ragasztható, vízálló LED kijelző
  • Built-in Stealth system
  • GPS technology (external GPS antenna)