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How to update the GPS M1


The KIYO GPS M1 device is updatable with “pendrive” (USB key). The pendrive must have FAT32 format.

    • Format the pendrive, or delete everything from it manually.

    • To update the program (firmware) of the product, you have to download the latest “gpsm1.bin” firmware updater file and copy it into the root directory of the pendrive. The downloading process may differ in each browser, therefore in case of any problem, check the settings of your browser. In order to give you the best quality and product support, it is imperative for us that you always use the latest official software on your KIYO devices. To receive new updates as soon as possible and to ensure that the software on your device is official, you need to register your product on the website of the manufacturer. For our registered partners we automatically send a username and a password, which can be used to download the official updates.
    • To update the coordinate database, simply download one of the available versions and copy the “database.bin” database file to the root directory of the pendrive.

    • Stop the motorcycle and make sure that the device is turned off, by checking the green LED status-indicator.

    • Remove the USB dust cover from the USB socket of the installed KIYO GPS M1 and then connect the updater pendrive to the GPS M1 device.

    • Ignite the engine and wait a few seconds, until the LED warning-indicator lights up. DO NOT REMOVE the pendrive and DO NOT STOP the engine until this LED light goes out. The updating process may take 1-2 minutes.

    • When the warning-indicator goes out and the green status-indicator lights up continuously, the updating process has ended.

  • After the update stop the engine, remove the pendrive and put the dust cover back into the USB socket of the GPS M1.


Firmware of the GPS M1

The updater file contains the latest version of the device’s firmware, which is the basic program responsible for the operation of the GPS M1. An update is necessary when a new feature is available, or when a malfunctioning one has been fixed. The name of the updater file is “gpsm1.bin”, which has to be copied to the pendrive according to the instructions above.

KIYO GPS database update

You may choose between two versions of databases. The first database contains the locations of fixed speed cameras, average speed measurement zones and red light cameras. The second database contains all these and the locations of HU-GO tollgates as well. If your device has an older version of the database, it is necessary to update it. The name of the downloaded file is “database.bin”, which has to be copied to the pendrive according to the instructions above.

Version: d1d2d3
Contains: fixed speed cameras, section cameras and redlight cameras

Version: d1d2d3d7
Contains: fixed speed cameras, section cameras, redlight cameras and toll gates

Downloading the User Manual of the GPS M1 detector

The user manual helps with the proper installation and configuration of the GPS M1 device. To download the manual, simply click on the “DOWNLOAD” button under the User Manual section, on the right side of the website.

In case of any urgent question regarding the update of the GPS U1 or any other KIYO products, feel free to contact us at info@kiyotechnology.com

Firmware update

Version: v1.0


Database update

Version: d1d2d3
(Without toll gates)


Version: d1d2d3d7
(With toll gates)


Download user manual