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Software update

How to update the KIYO GPS800

  • Checking the software version and the date of the database. Point 18 of the menu system shows the software version, while in point 19 you can see the date of the current database. Compare these to the numbers under the “GPS” logo on the website and if they are different, a new update is available. In this case, the first step is to download the updating software.
  • To download the program simply click on the green “DOWNLOAD” button on the right side of the website, under the “GPS” logo. The downloading process may differ in each browser, therefore in case of any problem, check the settings of your browser. In order to give you the best quality and product support, it is imperative for us that you always use the latest official software on your KIYO devices. To receive new updates as soon as possible and to ensure that the software on your device is official, you need to register your product on the website of the manufacturer. For our registered partners we automatically send a username and a password, which can be used to download the official updates.
  • Connecting the detector to the computer. Push the MODE button on the top ultil you connect the device with the USB cable for the computer. After bushing the “OK” button on the computer let off the MODE button.
  • Installation of the software:
    • While already pushing the MODE button on the top, open the downloaded „exe” installer file with double click.
    • A popup window will appear where you can read the following massage: Please connect your GPS detector to your PC while pressing the „MODE” Button, and then press OK. This is important, because othervise the detector won’t connect with the PC and the update will be unsuccessful.
    • After pushing the OK button the updater windiw will be open. You cana see the version number in the left upper corner. If this number is the same what is written in the website under the „GPS” logo the update process is not necessary. If the number is lower in the window than in the website under the GPS logo, push the upgrade button. The all updateing process will run automatically

Downloading the User Manual of the GPS800 detector

The user manual helps with the proper installation and configuration of the GPS800 device. To download the manual, simply click on the “DOWNLOAD” button under the User Manual section, on the right side of the website. 

In case of any urgent question regarding the update of the GPS800 or any other KIYO products, feel free to contact us at info@kiyotechnology.com .

Download software

Version: S370

Language: English


Download user manual